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Superhero Flags

1. Hulk   (see covers)

Pink is the skin color of Bruce Banner, and green the color of the Hulk. Each of the two parties in this Jekyll-and-Hyde relationship carry a bit of the other in them.


2. Batman   (see covers)

A highly stylized version of a bat mask displayed in an array of Batman colors.


3. Ghost Rider   (see covers)

Ghost Rider's flag contains elements of a white skull, fire, as well as the two cycles of his motorbike to the far left and far right.


4. Silver Surfer   (see covers)

On the flag of the Silver Surfer, which is a star-spangled space, we see the traces of a surfboard flying away to the right side.


5. Superman   (see covers)

Superman is a patriotic hero from the US so his flag shows similarities to the US flag.


6. Punisher   (see covers)

The Punisher's flag contains a skull and blood in high-contrast colors.


7. Fantastic Four   (see covers)

The flag for the Fantastic Four displays one star for each team member: The Thing, The Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, and Invisible Woman.


8. Bizarro   (see covers)

Bizarro is the inverse Superman, so his flag resembles an inverse variant of the Superman flag.


9. Green Lantern   (see covers)

The Green Lantern flag reproduces the symbolic ring lending power to whoever possesses it.


10. Spider-Man   (see covers)

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a flag based on the colors of his costume, with a single web crossing its way.


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