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Created in 2006, Cover Browser displays galleries of comic book (and book, pulp, games, DVD or magazine) covers for comic book fans like myself to explore & enjoy (there's also links to buy comics). At the moment, there are 455,283 searchable covers from 2,919 different series available. Most of the covers and associated data have been assembled using the nice Yahoo Image API, eBay, the Google Web Search API, the Amazon API, the Yahoo Term Extraction API, different homemade crawlers, and manual sorting. I'm also working with collections you send in or homemade scans. You can read more on the technical background. Also see the Cover Browser Labs. As of 2010, Cover Browser has a sister site called Vintage Ad Browser.

For feedback, please contact me at New covers may be added constantly – your cover suggestions are welcome too. If you have a ZIP file of a full series (with large pics numerated like 1.jpg, 2.jpg) I might be able to add it directly.

Thanks to Alek Komarnitsky and Tony Ruscoe for early testing of this site. Hat tip to the LP Cover Lover blog. Many thanks to Adam of for sending in a lot of covers! Another very special thanks to Brad Fraser for sending along a lot of scans from his former collection! Thanks to Dan Clark, Peter Simonis, Shane Summers and Rick Helley for sending covers. Many thanks to Uwe Wieczorek for sending large versions covers! Thanks to Peter Coogan and the researchers at Uclue.

Please note that the covers are presented here "as-is" – some are cool, and some are only of interest as historical artefacts; e.g. some pulp covers contain ridiculous racist stereotypes.

Tip: to open a specific group when linking to the Cover Browser homepage, you can use a syntax like this:

Cover Browser has been featured in Marvel's Thor 600.

Some icons used on this site are from FamFamFam's Creative Commons licensed icon set.

Some of the artists you'll find here: John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith, Frank Miller, Ivan Brunetti, Alex Ross, Alex Toth, Joe Kubert, Mark Bagley, Steve Ditko, Jim Lee, and many, many more... The latest series added here are Don Winslow of the Navy, Dennis the Menace Giant, Best of DC, Coleccion Vertigo (Spain), Factor-X (Spanish), Buzzy, Daffy Duck, A Date with Judy, Fawcett's Funny Animals, Crazy Magazine, Flintstones (Dutch), Fantastic (UK), First Love Illustrated, Domingos Alegres, Hulk (French), Batman Serie Aguila, Illustrerade Klassiker, Comics on Parade, Kalle Anka & Co (1948) and Aventures.

The covers belong to their respective copyright-holders and are reproduced here within a fair use context. All other content has a Creative Commons license.

The different types of covers

Some of the cover sources for this site: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ... and 497 other sources.

Responsible for this site: Philipp Lenssen, Rudolfstr. 8, 70190 Stuttgart, Germany

What people said about this site

“A wonderous comic book cover gallery made possible by various open APIs.”
– Panoptican at Metafilter

“I don't like, I LOVE IT!!!!”
– David Wilkerson, Carrollton, GA

“VERY impressive ... good resource or just cool to skim (...) I will definitely be returning to 'flip thru my collection', as it were”
– Bob Constans, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

“A lot of sites have scattered images, but yours is really like going back in time and getting a second chance to plow through stacks of comics that were dumped out so many years ago.”
– Steve Feinstein, collector of Walt Disney Comics and Stories

“Your Cover Browser web site is PURE GOLD! I just discovered it yesterday; and I cannot tell you how many happy memories I've relived of my childhood comic collecting days back in the mid-1960s.”
– Rick Helley, San Jose, CA

“ It's all there in the url, really. You click, you browse. Forever.”
Glen Weldon, NPR

“I was looking for a certain issue [of Amazing Spider-Man] and I came across Cover browser and well, for lack of a better term, fell in love.”
– Tony Rinaldi via email

“It's big fun finding the run of a particular title you used to read.”

“... my new favorite site ever. They have a metric assload of scanned covers and you will waste an entire afternoon at work looking at them.”
– David Campbell, Bainbridge Island

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