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The Top 10 Badly Drawn Comic Covers

Number 1. Admittedly, it's hard to draw a good-looking cover when the hero wears this kind of costume, but shoulnd't you at least try? (And yes this is the first appearance of Spider-Men.)

>> Flash Comics #24

Number 2. Earth is exploding because some alien life form decided our artwork endangers the galaxy.

>> Star Trek #35

Number 3. Dave Sim of Cerebus fame learned to draw well really fast during the course of his mammooth series... but not by issue #3.

>> Cerebus #3

Number 4. No amount of black ink was able to cover up the lack of talent pouring out of this sketch.

>> Namor #26

Number 5. What's the Eternal Warrior thinking? "Hire someone with talent, please"?

>> Eternal Warrior #49

Number 6. There's a fine line between "expression of brute strength" and "idiotic stare." The artist crossed it here.

>> Hulk #325

Number 7. Mega-city One is ripe for invasion, and let's hope this badly drawn cover goes down with it!

>> Judge Dredd - 2000 AD #250

Number 8. Fan-boys send in their homemade drawings everyday, but why publish them on the cover?

>> Alpha Flight #122

Number 9. Zap is an alternative comic, but that's no excuse for this!

>> Zap #10

Number 10. "I'm not ugly, I'm just drawn that way!"

>> Cheval Noir #31

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