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Top 10 Sexist Covers

Number 1. Two middle-aged men are fiddling around with a helpless young blonde woman clad only in a bikini top. They are apparently pickling her in a huge glass jar. Even worse: they are serial picklers. There are three other gals in jars in the background. This is almost as bad as Bonsai Kitty.

>> Marvel Science Fiction #17

Number 2. Okay, I can buy the notion of a female robot. And I can accept the suggestion of breasts on a female robot. But this female robot has nipples. And that, gentlemen, is taking things a bit too far. What is she gonna nurse? R2-D2?

>> Heavy Metal #50

Number 3. Two valley girls disagree about the government's nuclear evacuation plans. They are starting to pull at each other's clothing, and a full-out catfight is obviously a-brewing. Fer sure, dudes, this is the way women settle all disagreements. You should see the hair-pulling and face-scratching that happens every time Nancy Pelosi runs into Hilary Clinton in the ladies' room of the Capitol.

>> National Lampoon #155

Number 4. Bare-legged space captain Zapp Brannigan has a thought-balloon fantasy in which Leela, wearing a leopardskin bikini and a manacle on her arm, bats her one eye seductively. In the meantime, the ship is in danger. I bet this kind of thing happens all the time on the Space Shuttle, and NASA covers it up...

>> Futurama #4

Number 5. Yes, helpless women in jeopardy are a long tradition in comics. Nevertheless, there's something particularly troubling about cover art that shows a villain menacing a woman (Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle, AKA Batgirl) who has fallen out of her wheelchair.

>> Birds of Prey #49

Number 6. In a restaurant full of curvaceous waitresses, Archie tells Jughead "The only reason I eat here is because they have such good food, Jug." I confess that, upon first reading this, I thought it said "such good food and jugs."

>> Archie #19

Number 7. Ah, the stereotypical wife. She's fat and funny-looking. And she wears a silly hat. Wait... the same could be said of her husband. Nah, they're not making fun of his silly hat. Once you're in the army, you cease to notice the silliness of military headgear.

>> Sad Sack #61

Number 8. Wade Wilson (AKA "Deadpool") has a tiny male devil on one shoulder and a tiny female angel on the other. The devil says to the angel, "Why don't you ditch the gown, sister? This is the '90s, not the '50s!" The angel replies "But it's so flowing and comfortable!" Poor Deadpool. It must be depressing to overhear two supernatural beings who are battling for one's soul, and realize that they are discussing fashion trends.

>> Deadpool #5

Number 9. We're at the lake having a swim. While approching a manly hunk, a blonde chick looks back over her shoulder and snoots at a passive, weeping brunette chick. The blonde says "I don't love him. All I wanted was the satisfaction of taking him away from you." Oh, heck, women are such manipulative weasels: they don't like men, and they don't like other women.
Notice that the guy in the picture seems to be waving and looking beyond the two gals. Who can blame him? There's gotta be someone better on this beach.

>> Girls' Romances #107

Number 10. Popeye goes sailing with Olive Oyl in a tiny sailboat. The mast breaks. Does Popeye, with his huge forearms, offer to serve as a mast-substitute and hold up the sail? Nope. He makes spindly little Olive do it. After all, the man has to steer the boat.

>> Popeye #30

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