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The Top 10 Weirdest Comic Covers

Number 1. Bizarro is the "inverted" evil version of Superman. But you have to be a real comic book buff to know that there's a Bizarro Lois, too. The cover leaves open which Lois Bizarro is in love with -- the real or the inverted one. Great Scott!

>> Action Comics #255

Number 2. What's weirder than having Superbaby on the front cover? Well, having Super-Monkey next to him, of course.

>> Superboy #76

Number 3. So let's wrap things up. Kid reporter Jimmy Olsen is trapped in a gorilla's body, while the gorilla is trapped in Jimmy Olsen's body, hanging from a tree eating a banana. So what's weird about this Jimmy Olsen #116 comic book, you may ask? The fact that's it's a complete rip-off of Jimmy Olsen #24!

>> Jimmy Olsen #116

Number 4. I don't know what you think about photo covers on comic books, but my instinct tells me the world just doesn't need them.

>> Amazing Spider-Man #262

Number 5. A classic coming of age story: Superboy turns into Super-Merman.

>> Superboy #194

Number 6. Fashion victim!

>> Detective Comics #241

Number 7. I don't particularly mind a Bat-Baby, but why on earth is he wearing Lederhosen?!

>> Batman #147

Number 8. When your assistant Cryll changes himself into a Mercurian Quill-Thrower to fight against you, it's just one of those days where you wish you would've stayed in bed.

>> Tales of the Unexpected #51

Number 9. He's naked, tattooed & crying, and the knife in his mouth reflects the full moon... see, being a hitman is all about blending in with the crowd.

>> Crying Freeman #4

Number 10. Two reasons not to go to school today, Donald Duck: it's Sunday, and you're an adult, fer chrissake.

>> Mickey Mouse Magazine #60

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