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Superman's Identity Revealed! Again!

Number 1. Have a look: The Truth Mirror exposes Superman's true identity. Not sure about the purple suit as a fashion statement though.

>> Action Comics #269

Number 2. I think Chester will have to be "taken care of".

>> Superboy #60

Number 3. Have a look again: A one-way mirror exposes the truth and makes a fortune for someone. But why do they need gold kryptonite? Why not just use the green version?

>> Action Comics #305

Number 4. In the stationery cupboard: Superwoman reveals the truth of Superman's identity to Perry. It's enough to make him choke on his cigar. Whodathoughtit, with Clark Kent's superior disguise, a pair of glasses?!

>> Action Comics #313

Number 5. Smile please: Clark's caught in the act of changing. His identity is apparently revealed to 40 million viewers. The real Allen Funt would have loved a scoop like this on his show.

>> Action Comics #345

Number 6. Death bed scene: A young lad's dying wish is to know Superman's identity, but when told, he refuses to believe it is Clark Kent. Superman would never tell a lie. How dare you disbelieve him!

>> Action Comics #457

Number 7. Death bed scene 2: A touching scene as a sneaky trick by Jimmy Olsen means that Superman reveals all. You can put that hanky away now -- he's not really dying. With friends like these...

>> Jimmy Olsen #121

Number 8. Two boys innocently inspecting each other's underwear. Those were the times.

>> Superboy #98

Number 9. Thunderation -- what a great word!!

>> Action Comics #168

Number 10. Sherlock Holmes, jnr.: A boy detective identifies Superboy as Clark Kent. Smart kid. But will he be believed with a hat like that?

>> Adventure Comics #168

Number 11. You rang Sir? Superboy has a Butler!

>> Adventure Comics #169

Number 12. Superboy pays him to this day.

>> Superboy #170

Number 13. Headline news: The family confesses everything to the waiting reporters. That would make a great scoop, but can you believe everything you read in the newspapers?

>> Adventure Comics #235

Number 14. Purple is this year's colour: Superboy reveals his identity to an enemy. But why? Why?!

>> New Adventures of Superboy #4

Number 15. Cut above the rest: Superboy, alias Clark Kent, is caught chopping tree trunks. He should have used that chain-saw instead.

>> Superboy #11

Number 16. Dishing the truth: Under the influence of the Truth Serum, Mum blurts out the secret. This is not accurate. Young boys never do the washing up.

>> Superboy #41

Number 17. Weight and wait: Lana with the help of a 1 ton weight tricks Superboy into revealing his identity. The audience turns black & white.

>> Superboy #44

Number 18. Momma always told him don't climb into cannons.

>> Superboy #46

Number 19. See-through vision part 3. Much easier than just, ugh, walking a meter to peek around the corner.

>> Action Comics #202

Number 20. I'm confused. Let's hope the extra Superbaby story makes up for it.

>> New Adventures of Superboy #24

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